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Great News !

The UWI Toronto Benefit Gala 2017 is now one for the history books. All the good came together and we ‘knocked it out of the ballpark’. You my friends are the reason for our success. Each year you generously give your time and money so that students thousands of miles away, in the Caribbean, can have hope that their dream of a good education will be realized.

On Saturday, April 1st you helped us raise almost $500,000 for the UWI Scholarship fund. Our best way of expressing our appreciation is through the words Jezeel Martin a UWI Scholarship recipient and UWI graduate who spoke at the Gala -– “A contribution to one’s education is akin to making an investment but with the sure guarantee of returns being incontrovertibly maximized.”


We are proud of this event that honours and celebrates great works through our extraordinary honourees and in so doing, shines a light on the incredible potential that lives in all of us to be great stewards of each other.

We salute also the remarkable members of the Gala team and the gracious volunteers for their hours and months of dedication and hard work.

In the tradition of Light, Learning and Liberty that has been so joyously established, our deepest thanks once again for your generosity and care.


Our very best to you and your colleagues and family and look forward to seeing you next year on APRIL 07, 2018 to share in another remarkable evening.


Donette Chin-Loy Chang, Co-Patron

and the UWI Toronto Benefit Gala Committee 2017

Hilary Beckles

Vice Chancellor